We are just real women trying to navigate life together.

As women we face many challenges in our daily lives, whether you are a mom, sister, aunt, daughter or friend, there seems to always be something going on.  We can feel burdened and overwhelmed, and many times feel like we just don’t measure up.  Everyone else seems to have it more together than us.  Through all of this, we can lose who we are in Christ and forget that we are His amazing, beautiful, gifted daughters.  Through our mission statement:  Refresh, Renew, Refine and Reflect, our goal is to help each other shake off the weightiness of life and just be us.  We were all created differently, and truth is – God loves us just the way we are!

My personal prayer is that we would all see ourselves in the mirror of life as God sees us.  Beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes, and is not defined by the world – but by the love and grace of God.

Love & Blessings,