5/20/12 – The Miracles of Jesus series “In the Lord’s hands”

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When the majority of us holds a basketball in our hands, it is just a basketball. When someone like Michael Jordan holds it, it turns into a professional championship winner. Put a paintbrush into most of our hands and it is just a paintbrush, but put a paintbrush into the hands of Picasso and it turns into a work of art. The bottom line is this, if you put what you have into the right hands, you will get amazing results. So the question for all of us to ask ourselves is, ‘Imagine what could and would happen if we would put our limited resources into the hands of God?’ Imagine what we could do for the Lord if we decided to give Him everything we’ve got? Even if it is not much, even if it seems small and insignificant. When we let Jesus use what we have, great things can happen! Things we never thought possible.

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